Welcome to the SCAN Health Plan Online Provider Tools.

SCAN is pleased to announce that we are launching our new Provider Portal. The new Provider Portal will enable Providers the ability to self-register and gain immediate access to check member eligibility, view benefit information and look up claims without having to pick up the phone.

SCAN’s Network Management team will be working with our contracted Medical Groups to roll out Group access starting in August, 2020. If you are an employee of a SCAN contracted Medical Group, please contact your organization’s Portal Administrator, after August, for additional details on how to gain access.

If you are an ancillary, hospital, Village Health or downstream provider, you can begin the self-registration process today for immediate access by visiting www.scanhealthplan.com/providers and following the directions provided.

Additionally, you can access member’s eligibility information through Transunion or through our automated system at 1-877-778-7226, which allows you to receive a fax confirmation of the member’s eligibility & benefit information.

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If you have any questions, please contact a SCAN Portal Administrator at 1-888-450-7226. You can also send an email to providerportal@scanhealthplan.com.